The beginning

I have always loved gardens. In fact, when I think of my early life and childhood, most of my fondest memories took place in either of the gardens in the two houses I grew up in. The first (and most formative garden) I knew well was a small brick-paved courtyard in Erskineville, lush with ferns and mossy groundcovers, and canopied with a huge jacaranda. I remember helping my Dad landscape the garden (I think I was helping, anyway). Not even being taken to hospital with two itchy eyes full of fibres from a nasty Tasmanian Tree Fern we were moving was traumatic enough to turn me off!

I only really realised how important gardens were to me when I didn’t have one anymore. When I moved out of my parent’s house, to an apartment with a tiny, exposed, south facing balcony, where nothing would grow – I really missed my own little bit of greenery, the apartment didn’t really feel like a home.

When I moved again, to a house in Glebe with a bit of space and a lot of sun, I quickly generated quite a collection of pot plants, which has continued to grow and change over the year until now.

In October of 2015 I realised how much satisfaction gardening gave me, and how hungry I was to learn everything I could. I bullied my friend Jackson into going to a one-day Sustainable Gardening course with me at University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education.  We were both a bit daunted by a six hour talk about gardening, but I found myself completely engaged the entire six hours, taking copious amounts of notes in addition to the handouts that the wonderful instructor Judith Sleijpen had prepared on each subject (if you see her name on a course description, go!) I have been adding to those notes ever since. If you think you might be interested in knowing more about gardening, or you would like the opportunity to ask an expert questions all day I would highly recommend you do the course too. I’ve been hooked ever since!

A small sample of the kind of things I learnt about at CCE’s Sustainable Garden course.





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